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Working 12 liters, but due to the elastic inserts in the main volume can stretch to hold up to 15 liters of content.
Bottle pockets: 2 x 0.6 l = 1.2 l
Waist pockets: 2 x 0.5 l = 1.0 l
Camouflage (mob. And first aid) pockets: 0.5 l in total
12+ l
In the basic configuration, "nothing extra" ATT is lighter than most of its "classmates" - running 12-liter backpacks from well-known world brands. All optional accessories are also optimized for weight. For example, the weight of the thermos for solid food: 30 g
295 gr
There are two main sizes covering almost the full range of runners: S..XS and M..XL. Lateral adjustments plus three chest couplers will allow the runner to "fit in" comfortably in virtually any build. In special cases we will sew a backpack according to your exact requirements.
Night work
Reflective tapes at the front and rear, a tail light with flashing mode (in a special back pocket) will make night trails much safer.
24 h
Supply system
Compartment for hydrator with holding capacity of up to 3 liters
Camouflaged bottle pockets, fitted with removable rigid frames and elastic ties with clamps, make it comfortable to use.
  • rigid pet bottles up to 0.6 l
  • soft hydropacks
  • winter thermoes-heaters for gels and chews (stay tuned in the online store)
- 30 .. + 50 С
First aid kit
The built-in first-aid kit (in fact, a survival kit) contains the necessary medications in a critical situation - from acute pain, dehydration, allergies, a means of disinfecting water (in case of drinking from an untested natural reservoir). We differentiated first-aid kits according to climate types (more details in the online Store)
A lot of them. Already 15 !!!
  • 1 main volume
  • 1 waterproof (inside main volume)
  • 1 net (inside the main volume)
  • 1 lamp
  • 1 hydrator compartment
  • 2 lap
  • 2 trash
  • 2 bottle (they are also used for thermoses in winter)
  • 2 mobile (waterproof and easy)
  • 2 first aid (1 of them marked with a red cross)
Everything just where it should be. And we do not intend to stop here. In the near future, the following options will be developed and offered as (optional):

  • chest pocket
  • mobile charging compartment
  • hard pocket for fragile things (like glasses)
  • "Plug-in" lightweight rigid containers (for structured carrying of gels, etc.)
The webed pocket holds all major smartphone models. In the case of a larger model, we are ready to increase the pocket for free according to your size. In addition, there is a choice of transparent or impenetrable pocket walls. In either option, the pocket is waterproof.

Your Identity
Backpack ALX TECH TRAIL are a continuation of their identity of his owner, your calling card. Self-expression of an athlete are:

  • individual color
  • Name (on the back; can be duplicated on the bottle pocket)
  • a flag (today our backpacks proudly carry the flags of Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Mexico, France, Ukraine, Nigeria, Germany, Norway, Israel, and the number of countries is growing weekly)
  • logos and coats of arms - companies, families, overcome trails
  • in exclusive collections: an arbitrary pattern (for example, a mosaic tile of characters of importance to the wearer) based on a backpack (and not only on color inserts and pockets)
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