Name and flag: will set you apart from the other mass-produced products
Fastener with a whistle, cutter and flint
3 chest straps: provide ergonomic fit
Universal bottle pockets: with removable rigid frames (while running, it is easy to insert and remove bottles with one hand; it also keeps fragile items, such as glasses), draw cords with clamps (meaning your container will not fall out even on bumps and hills), recessed (for more reliable storage), extended (can hold even containers in thermal insulation, mini-thermoses)
Oughter elastic pockets: you may carry lots of food or other stuff right over the bottle pocket.
Three-layer air mesh: provides good ventilation and sweat removal.
Holders for running numbers: placed so that the backpack can be removed without removing the number - it will remain hanging on one side.
Compartment for the hydrator: holds a 3-liter capacity, even if insulated. Attaches securely to the backpack at the top.
Waterproof pocket-twist inside: store documents in it, electronics during wet trails
Pocket for the rear light: complete with a miniature headlamp. If the main fails - use the rear as an "emergency"
Waist adjuster: a large range for athletes of all different builds. Also allows you to wear a backpack in bulky winter clothing. Helps toadjust the position of the bottles (front) according to your running technique (allowing your arms to move freely as you run)
Elastic garbage pockets: Protect the environment!
Outer elastic windbreaker pocket
Elastic inserts: increase the capacity of the backpack by 2-3 liters, tightly holds the load
Trekking poles mounts: you may hold you poles vertically, horizontally, front or back, on the left or on the right side.
Labeled Survival kit pocket: Even the most disciplined can forget something. The cross will remind you! You or your fellow runners will quickly find out where to look for first aid items (painkillers, plaster, dehydration pills, etc.)
Working 12 liters, but due to the elastic inserts in the main volume can stretch to hold up to 15 liters of content.
Bottle pockets: 2 x 0.6 l = 1.2 l
12+ l
There are two main sizes covering almost the full range of runners: S..XS and M..XL. Lateral adjustments plus three chest couplers will allow the runner to "fit in" comfortably in virtually any build. In special cases we will sew a backpack according to your exact requirements.
Night work
Reflective tapes at the front and rear, a tail light with flashing mode (in a special back pocket) will make night trails much safer.
24 h
Supply system
Compartment for hydrator with holding capacity of up to 3 liters. Camouflaged bottle pockets, fitted with removable rigid frames and elastic ties with clamps, make it comfortable to use.
- 30 .. + 50 С
First aid kit
The built-in first-aid kit (in fact, a survival kit) contains the necessary medications in a critical situation - from acute pain, dehydration, allergies, a means of disinfecting water (in case of drinking from an untested natural reservoir).
A lot of them. Already 19 !!!
  • 1 main volume
  • 1 waterproof (inside main volume)
  • 1 net (inside the main volume)
  • 1 lamp
  • 1 hydrator compartment
  • 2 lap
  • 2 trash
  • 2 bottle (they are also used for thermoses in winter)
  • 2 first aid (1 of them marked with a red or green cross)
  • 1 oughter elastic windbraker pocket
  • 4 oughter over-bottle pockets
  • 1 oughter elastic pocket above the thermal-blanket pockets
Everything just where it should be. And we do not intend to stop here. In the near future, the following options will be developed and offered as (optional):

  • chest pocket
  • mobile charging compartment
  • hard pocket for fragile things (like glasses)
  • "Plug-in" lightweight rigid containers (for structured carrying of gels, etc.)
Your Identity
Backpack ALX TECH TRAIL are a continuation of their identity of his owner, your calling card. Self-expression of an athlete are:

  • individual color
  • Name (on the back; can be duplicated on the bottle pocket)
  • a flag (today our backpacks proudly carry the flags of Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Mexico, France, Ukraine, Nigeria, Germany, Norway, Israel, and the number of countries is growing weekly)
  • logos and coats of arms - companies, families, overcome trails
  • in exclusive collections: an arbitrary pattern (for example, a mosaic tile of characters of importance to the wearer) based on a backpack (and not only on color inserts and pockets)
Base color: Black | White | Design
Black is quite universal and good for any trail.
White reflects the sun and heat better and is therefore preferred for hot trails.
Design basis - for exquisite design lovers, as well as good if you present a backpack to a friend.
Available colors: ANY
Nothing to add. We can offer you a backpack of absolutelly any color you like!
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