Test Run and Consultation

Are you a novice in need of an expert advice?
Want to make an original birthday present?
Getting ready for an unpredictable large format race?
Tell us about your goals and wishes, and we will quickly contact you with the best solution. We might encourage you to test different configurations to find the most comfortable ones, so that your choice is more informed.

To get your test drive backpack:
  • Visit us at AlxTechTrail base in Istrinsky district
  • Moscow: make an appointment with an ATT employee in Moscow
  • Regions: message us your location and we will connect you with backpack owners in your region; ATT owners always step forward and give their running test sacks to their running mates
  • During an event/campaign (for example, during active development of a new model or gadget): participate in our testing and get your special conditions (you will be required to complete tasks and write reports)
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    Before we start making your backpack, we will send you a layout for approval. Be sure that all your design wishes will be taken into account and you will get exactly what you want - your unique personal backpack!