ATT - Light and Fast

Ultralight, for short runs (up to 50 km). Multiple adjustments - waist coverage, chest ties, strap height - will allow you to effectively fit the backpack over the body so that you simply forget that it is on you.
  • Base: 1
  • Straps: 2
  • Side pocket Small: 2
  • Mobile multi-purpose pocket: 2
  • Elastic external back pocket: 1
  • Fine chest straps: 1 к-т
  • Lightweight waist adjustment straps: 2
  • Runner's number fastener: 2
  • Hydrator holder: 1
  • Hydrator hose magnet holder: 1
  • Color zip pullers: 1 к-т
  • First aid kit: 1
  • Repair kit: 1
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Before we start making your backpack, we will send you a layout for approval. Be sure that all your design wishes will be taken into account and you will get exactly what you want - your unique personal backpack!