Framed Rear Bottle Pockets (Two)

  • Elastic material (supplex) tightly fixates the bottle
  • Elastic frame supports pocket shape, allows you to insert bottle with one hand without looking at the pocket. The tapered, widened inlet makes it easy for a bottle to go in, a 100% hit.
  • 4-mm rubber band tightener is conveniently put on the neck with the same hand with which the bottle is inserted, and holds the full bottle tightly even with severe shaking,

Note: two full 0.5-0.6 bottles on the back can seriously disrupt the balance. Therefore, think about how to balance them - for example, with similar bottles in the front bottle pockets and/or solid food (other cargo) in the front side pockets.
When you have reached balance, try to evenly consume the load in front and back. If perfect balancing is not possible, try to consume water primarily from the back pockets.
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