What is the advantage of modularity?
Here are some examples of saving money, time, and functionality:
  1. Have you torn your pocket badly? No need to buy a new backpack: it's cheaper to replace a torn pocket than an entire backpack.
  2. Do you have new trail challenges? Let's say, in your ATT you usually ran relatively short flat trails, and you have the main volume of 5 liters, small side pockets, and going to Oman by UTMB 170 km? We would recommend a 12 liters main volume, large side pockets, mounts for the tracking poles, tight bottle pockets with puffs on the necks (on bumps, it happens, it shakes and the bottles are better to be fixed).
  3. Are you going on vacation, where you are going to run, wander around historical places, sit in a cafe with a laptop, go shopping, get out into the nature for a photo shoot. Taking a few backpacks with you is impractical. Take a single base with fasteners and several removable volumes and pockets.
  4. Have you acquired new habits? For example, you tried a friend's backpack with the placement of bottles on the back and liked it. There is no need to buy a backpack like your friend's - order back bottle pockets and attach to your ATT.
  5. Do you have a festive mood? Order the main volume or large side pockets with your portrait, Christmas or other holiday skin. Create your mood!
  6. Are you a fan of new products? ATT regularly releases interesting new useful gadgets compatible with previously purchased volumes and pockets.
How are the parts of the backpack interconnected?
Along the perimeter of all volumes (base, shoulder straps, main volumes) and pockets you see a sewn strong braid (soutache), divided into 20 mm cells (figure 1 in the photo). Pockets and volumes are attached to the base and between each other by knots (3 in the photo), which are instantly threaded into the cells and hold tight. Fasteners - chest ties, holders of tracking poles, ties, etc. - are attached directly to the cells or engages with them through such plastic stoppers (2 in the photo).
The described system allows fastening individual parts (modules) quickly, flexibly and reliably, and also quickly reconfigure the backpack if necessary.

Please also see the video.
How to order?
There are 3 options on the start page: they are also described in more detail on the page 'How it works'.
If you are still experiencing difficulties or have questions - please write or call us.
What if I do not want a modular constructor?
Then order the free 'Semiconstructor' service and we will rigidly fix (sew with the strongest threads) everything that you specify.
Are there any discounts?
Yes. We have a flexible Loyalty Program. In particular, we encourage (including discounts and other bonuses) couples, distinguished athletes, regular customers. If you are an outstanding person and bring great benefits to society, write us your story, we will try to evaluate your achievements!
What are the production and delivery time?
Production takes 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the season and the current load of orders. delivery, depending on your location, another 1to 2 weeks. However, in special cases, we can do it faster.
How to become a partner?
Please go to the 'Partners' page and send us a request from there. Or contact the Founder of ATT Alexei Morokhovets directly +7 (903) 9690513, almor9000@gmail.com
What are the individual settings?
  1. FUNCTIONS: select the required modules in the Catalog.
  2. DIMENSIONS: when choosing volumes and pockets please indicate S, M or L. In case of a non-standard size, send us your parameters (waist, chest, back height).
  3. DESIGN: write us your wishes, and discuss the layout of the future backpack with our designer.
Didn't find an answer? Write us!