First Aid Kit

The first-aid kit is designed in cooperation with experienced sports physiologists and aims to protect the trail runner in difficult situations like:
  • pain (including acute)
  • cramping
  • allergy
  • dehydration
  • patch
  • water disinfection (in case you need to drink from an unverified source)
  • the summer version also contains a poison pump in case of a bite by a poisonous reptile
  • the winter version also contains a chemical thermoid
The need for a first aid kit for the trail runner, as well as its composition, cause heated debate among the running community. Our position: we provide the athlete with means of survival, give him the right to choose: no first-aid kit - no choice; if there is a first-aid kit - there is a choice whether to wait for help from the outside or use the means available in the first-aid kit.
We do not sell first-aid kits: a first-aid kit is a gift (bonus) in case of ordering a running backpack. You have the right to refuse it, throw it away, replace the contents (in whole or in part) with your contents.

The owner of the first-aid kit must:
  • Consult with his/her healthcare provider regarding medical contraindications; doubtful preparation to be removed/replace with more suitable
  • Check the expiration date. If expired - replace the drug immediatelly.
The owner of the first-aid kit is solely responsible for non-compliance with the rules.
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