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About the history of Alx Tech Trail

ALX TECH TRAIL project was founded in 2013 by Alexey Morokhovets. Before that Alexey was probably the worst candidate for marathon running - weighing over 100 kg, a broken spine, hated running (especially long distance ones). His decision to change his life wasn't influenced by any suggestions or an ephemeral desire to lead a healthy lifestyle – oh no! Alexey was embraced by the desire to become stronger and more autonomous. Today he has become an ultra-marathon runner, with a series of one hundred kilometer and even a one hundred mile (164 km) race.

Sometimes the beginning of a radical change in life contributes to a small emotional push. ALX TECH TRAIL can be one for you. The feeling of readiness, autonomy, security is what helps to make the first steps into the unknown more boldly. The backpack may make you feel like a conqueror of vast distances, eating up those miles. The main thing is to start, get into the correct routines, believe in yourself, but ... without going over the top, first get ready for the journey, take everything you need! The first step to becoming a superman, to increase your autonomy and endurance, is to go jogging. But remember that "luck" comes by being properly prepared. And an important part of preparation is your equipment.

Whilst training, Alexey tried out dozens of belts, vests, and backpacks of various shapes and sizes. Nothing suited completely. And then he - like a seasoned inventor - decided to create his own "perfect" backpack for long trails.
Our team
All our team members are active marathon and trail runners, each having years of experience overcoming tough events. We deeply understand how running equipment works, how true the expression "leave no stone unturned" and offer our customers only what we have personally tested in the field and completely believe in.
Alexei Morokhovets
Anton Golovin
Leonid Shvetsov
Hakeem Michael
Fidel Davila
Jean-Claude Laurent
Theodor Kubak
Arnaud Manici
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+7 (903) 969 05 13